Swirl N Twirl

Jess Leigh and I recently spent a gorgeous afternoon in Mid City at Swirl Sensational Wines drinking Rose, devouring cheese and oooohhh-ing/aaahhhh-ing over Esplanade Avenue houses.  

After leaving Swirl, we walked across Esplanade to a small park and Jess told me about the night her husband proposed to her. After a romantic dinner at Lola's they walked to this very bench where he dropped to one knee. Ah l'amour! 

The park, combined with the absolutely perfect weather, provided a natural backdrop for some very serious modeling.....obvi. 

All in all it was one of the best NOLA days I've had in a long time. I'm looking forward to the Spring (even though it's 60 degrees outside right now) and more adventures. 

- Sarah 

Purchasing Information

Clothing available at Bella & Harlow, located at 4221 Magazine Street, New Orleans.

Call 504-324-4531 or email shop@bellaandharlow.com for more information.

Sarah is wearing:

Supply Top in grey

Chloe Skirt in bubblegum peach 

Melie Bianco small crossbody bag in grape.

Jess Leigh is wearing:

PLC tunic blouse in cobalt/white 

Yummie skinny jean in charcoal

*Shoes and other accessories are the models’ own.


Jewelry available at www.jessleighjewels.com.  Email jess@jessleighjewels.com for more information.

Sarah is wearing:

Necklaces: Small bezel choker in citrine and turquoise necklace

Earrings: Vintage gold tassel earrings

Ring: Secret Society large ring with Lucite stone

Jess Leigh is wearing:

Necklaces: Small bezel choker in Labradorite, Crystal quartz druzy slice long necklace with lapis and opalite stones

Rings: Secret Society Peacock Angel ring in blue glass, Secret Society Prophet Ring in light blue glass