Hail the Krewe of Goddesses

Most New Orleanians experience the various facets of Mardi Gras through stages that serve as rites of passage. As children, we stand atop ladders and catch beads with our families at parades. As teenagers, we sneak into clubs on Bourbon Street and partake in poor decision making. Once we hit our 20s, we've usually found our stride. We have our go-to parades, our favorite king cake flavor, and a great many of us dress up on Mardi Gras Day. Sometimes we even sneak onto floats at the Orpheus-Capade and try on krewe member costumes (champagne does the darndest things). However, throughout all of these amazing moments and spectacles, some of us find that a piece of Mardi Gras is still missing. In 2012, my own personal puzzle became complete when I joined a krewe.

The Krewe of Goddesses are a social aid and pleasure club devoted to celebrating and empowering women. (Oh and we love men too. All the sweet, sweet men.) Our main event of the year is when we parade through the Marigny and French Quarter with Krewe Delusion on the night of Krewe du Vieux. The weeks and days leading up to the parade are a magical time filled with throw making parties, meetings, costuming, fondue, trips to Jefferson Variety, a little whiskey, glitter, more meetings, and last minute preparations (usually involving the aforementioned costuming and a dash of panic). 

This was my third year parading with the Goddesses, and I have to say, it keeps getting better and better. I've met some very special women through this organization. I've made some remarkable friends. I see my city in a new and even brighter light. It's given me a piece of Carnival I never dreamed of having, but now that it's mine, I'll never give it up.

Hail the Goddesses!! 

- Sarah