Seeds of Spring

Recently Jess Leigh and I had a lunch date at Seed on Prytania Street. Healthy food, 47 degree weather and some photo shenanigans made for a lovely afternoon. We also did our fair share of complaining that is was too cold, but then again, the weather gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase the best in transitional clothing and jewels (and yes, I was wearing a coat, but took it off for photos. Too cold to go without). 


Clothing available at Bella & Harlow, located at 4221 Magazine Street. For inquiries or to purchase, please call 504-324-4531. 

Jess Leigh is wearing the Libby blouse in white, the Civil 5 pocket jean in indigo and the kimono scarf in tie dye. 

Sarah is wearing the Crop Ruffle top in cream and Bella Trousers in navy/polka dot. 

Shoes and accessories are the models' own. 

Jewelry is available online: For inquiries, please email

Jess Leigh is wearing a beaded agate pendant necklace, the Prophet Ring and Secret Society Ring, and a feather/bow pendant headband. 

Sarah is wearing a rose gold double chain necklace, the Prophet Ring and Secret Society Ring, and a multi stone beaded bracelet.